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Adding Slimstat to WordPress

I run this web site as a hobby but I still like to have tools to check how the site is doing. Slimstat is a tool that I use because it captures things like search strings, referers, etc. It’s like… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.2 is out

WordPress 2.2 is out and has at least one really useful feature that I’ve already used. I backup my blog software and database on a nightly schedule. The whole works, database and files gets copied to my backup server on… Continue Reading →

XHTML 1.0 Strict and WordPress themes

WordPress themes are usually either XHTML 1.0 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Strict. The first line of the generated web page has the Document Type Definition (DTD) sent to the browser to define which. My main theme that I use FastTrack,… Continue Reading →

Easy server upgrade

I gave up on running my blog on a VPS. It was just too problematic and I got tired of trying to get it working well. So I opted to put the blog on my old basement server.
My old basement server was…

Added asides to the FastTrack theme

I added asides to the modified Fastrack theme I’m using. It’s ugly; Sadish’s php code is really organized and I’m hacking with a butchers cleaver…

eAccelerator for Opensuse 10.0

Updated: I bumped the version from 0.9.5 to The source RPM for can be found here. The 32 bit compiled version can be found here. I no longer have access to a x86_64 opensuse installation but running this… Continue Reading →

Webserver issue solved

I will not turn off “define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);” again. I will not turn off “define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);” again. I will not turn off “define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);” again. Now I will repeat that 1000 times on the black board and never do that again.

Webserver problems

I have been having some weird response times from my WordPress installation. I’m running Opensuse 10.0 which comes with PHP 5.0.4. PHP caches like APC and XCache don’t work with 5.0.4. I can’t just upgrade the distribution since a) this… Continue Reading →

RSS feed and Tarski Links Widget

The RSS feed on this web site became broken and I tracked it down to the Tarski Links widget. I use the Tarski theme as one of my two themes. The regular links widget looks awful so the Tarski theme g…

WordPress visual editor

Looks like I’m not the only one with the problem loading the visual editor . The fix (I’m using the built in editor right now) works and per the article is located here .
Click on the “Original For…

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