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Confirmed: I’m not getting the PC back anytime soon

This may fall under category of "bad parenting" but probably not. I hope not. Just don't tell Lily, OK? My daughter saw all of the fun her brother has playing Team Fortress 2 and wanted in on the action. The kitchen… Continue Reading →

Yes, of course I bought it

I just completed Crysis 3 (a $5 purchase that got me to buy a new NVidia graphic card…) and was looking for a new game to play. Since I’ve owned every Wolfenstein game that was ever produced this seemed like… Continue Reading →

Mac vs PC was never this fun

Think bullets? “I’m a Mac.” “I’m a PC! Welcome to my world!” <*BANG!*> I remember having Commodore 64 vs Apple II+ debates. It’s a shame there was no Team Fortress 2 back then. Or Valve, Internet, multiplayer online games…

Portal is free!

Well, it’s free for a while. If you’ve never played, get it NOW. Especially if you own a Mac. Very cool and when Portal 2 comes out, I’ll get it.

Life after Borderlands

I’ve now completed Borderlands 5 times. Twice with the Hunter character and twice with the Siren. And I completed the Isle of Dr. Ned too. I have resisted the urge to get MW2 for one simple reason: I’m not thrilled… Continue Reading →

FEAR2 and STEAM are the best

Look Ma, no DVD! I just activated FEAR2 on Valve’s STEAM and I’m downloading and installing off of the Internet right now.  That’s very cool.

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