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That’s the Rudy NYC remembers

Rudy can smileThe New York Times has a good article on Rudy Guiliani which highlights many of his bad temper abuses. It’s a little long but some of the examples I had forgotten about. I like the photo from the article, it shows a “lighter” side of the presidential candidate.

I think the Rudy 2008 campaign is beginning to realize that his tough guy 9/11 hero bit is not going to get him delegates. Lately his stumping in Florida is lacking his 9/11 rhetoric and his latest ad does not even use the word “terrorism”.

When Rudy was mayor he did improve things but he did so without any class. It was a “my way of the highway” but it was needlessly mean spirited and he became a real bully. From petty arguing with radio show callers to slandering a victim of a police shooting, he made it clear that he wanted to be a mean SOB.

Rudy was tolerated because he did get things done and the city was a mess. But previous mayors proved that you could work with people and still get work done. Ed Koch was quite a character but he was effective. David Dinkins made lots of mistakes but he did have class.

I can’t imagine Rudy as president. We’d have a bigger melt down than we have with President Bush. The Bush Cheney administration is petty, no-bid, ignores disagreement (on good days), and has a demonstrable contempt for the law. President Rudy would trump that; President Bush is sadly not too bright. But he’s not really mean or a bully.

What an image, the school yard bully having his finger on top of the button to launch the missiles.

Is Rudy cured?

Wow. Miracles do happen.

After many attempts and interventions Rudy has been able to appear in public without having his 9/11 Tourette’s syndrome kicking in.

Every article I have read seems to concentrate on the fact that he left out the English only part of his talking points and how politically poisonous Katherine Harris still is. Not one mention of 9/11.

If this keeps up, people might start thinking that Rudy is more than a one-trick pony. He’s not, but people can be fooled.