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Pool algorithm?

Tomorrow we’re having some friends over, so today I’m doing pool duty. This involves me vacuuming the portions that the robot does a bad job on, and then tossing in said robot so it can do it’s thing.

Around 7 AM I turned on the filter pump, went over the lines where the pool slopes meet, and made my way around the pool. I started on the deep end, made my way around, and checked that I didn’t leave any big patches. Not complicated just tedious.

I ended up with a bucket full of leaves, dead bugs, and some pebbles. I turned off the filter pump and tossed in the robot. It’ll take 2 hours for it to run it’s cycle.

This is what geeks think about: How does it make a decision to go one way or the other? When it hits a boundary it sometimes climbs up the wall. Other times it pauses and goes back and turns. In a couple of hours I’ll pull it out and wash it’s filter. That will have a bagful of leaves, sand, bugs, etc.

It’s work, but watching it run is a kick for me. Later on I’ll double check how clean it is by doing some swimming with the family.