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Andre’s trip to Disneyland

Disneyland, January 18 to 20 How we know each other Rao and I worked together 10 years ago on an enormous Year 2000 computer project and have stayed in touch ever since. I attended his wedding in New Jersey many years ago and was unable to blend in to the […]

Wintuk was great

Yesterday Lily and I took the kids to see Wintuk. They were so so about the show until the lights went off and it all started. The girl was mesmerized and could not take her eyes off the stage. The boy less so. After 15 minutes he started fidgeting and […]

Late Christmas shopping

Last night Lily and I left work early to catch the 5:22 PM train. The plan was to go to Toys R Us and pick up toys for all the kids we know. It went well except we got charged twice for one of the items. Lily always checks the […]

It’s an action figure

On my son’s birthday I got him a G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Arctic Duke.  This one is from Hasbro’s web site. Its very different from the one’s I had growing up (but still has the kung-fu grip). For starters it looks like it could survive anything I could do to […]

Kids and TV

When I was a small kid, I had to worry about being able to change the TV station from channel 4 to channel 2. Or to channel 13. And how to get UHF. I just overheard my 5 year old son: “Grandma? Can you record that show?” I had to […]

Kids pictures from trip

Saturday we drove to Lancaster County to have a “Day out with Thomas”. We gave the kids a camera each and here are some of the pictures that they took. First the girl: she’s going to be 4 at the end of the month. She likes MINI’s, go figure. Nice […]

Kids and digital cameras

For Christmas the kids had each gotten Disney digital cameras. These were okay but needed special software, a non-standard USB cable, and had no preview window. Yesterday Lily and I got the kids inexpensive affordable low end HP digital cameras. I’ll post the best pictures they take over the weekend […]

Hello! I’ll be right with you!

5 year old boy to 3 year old girl at 5 am: “You HAVE to go downstairs and get my toy doggie.” 3 year old girl: “I’m scared! No one’s downstairs!” 5 year old boy: “HE-LL-O! I’ll be right with you!” Lately he’s been picking up words and phrases from […]

A real P-O-S

I always know it. Be careful what you say around kids. Today I took out the kids remote control airplane (graphic from Amazon) and gave it a whirl. Santa got it for them for Christmas. It sucks wind loudly. It’s rated for 8+ year olds so the kids really can’t […]