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No need to be competitive

So Lily put the kids to bed and was complaining that they were fighting. Me: They like to compete with each other. That’s why they fight. Lily: After a while it drives me crazy. Me: Did you ever compete with… Continue Reading →

Health advice from a 6 year old

I caught a bug or stomach virus this week.  This morning when I got up to wake the kids, I got taken over by nausea.  Nice post I know but bear with me for a moment. My son goes to… Continue Reading →

Andre’s trip to Disneyland

Disneyland, January 18 to 20 How we know each other Rao and I worked together 10 years ago on an enormous Year 2000 computer project and have stayed in touch ever since. I attended his wedding in New Jersey many… Continue Reading →

They still have Blades of Glory

I loves parodies. This Youtube video sums up HD-DVD v Blu-ray nicely. Update: This link still works.

Some people give consultants a bad name

Here’s a lucky guy. A computer consultant driving a rental car drove onto train tracks Wednesday using the instructions his GPS unit gave him. A train was barreling toward him, but he escaped in time and no one was injured…. Continue Reading →

Fun work week

Since July 30th I work with my identical twin brother. He’s been there for many years and many people know him in the work place. Tuesday I was on the coffee line right behind the manager of another group I… Continue Reading →

This is just plain evil

Saw this on Reddit this morning. These guy are hysterical, although if a cop asks you “are you with these guys?” you’d better tell the truth.  Best Buy must have been fun to be in that day. Bet “Retail Store… Continue Reading →

Hello! I’ll be right with you!

5 year old boy to 3 year old girl at 5 am: “You HAVE to go downstairs and get my toy doggie.” 3 year old girl: “I’m scared! No one’s downstairs!” 5 year old boy: “HE-LL-O! I’ll be right with… Continue Reading →

A real P-O-S

I always know it. Be careful what you say around kids. Today I took out the kids remote control airplane (graphic from Amazon) and gave it a whirl. Santa got it for them for Christmas. It sucks wind loudly. It’s… Continue Reading →

Dirty window

We came back from Washington DC Sunday. It was an 8 hour painful, excruciating, non – stop lousy traffic, family trip up I-95. That’s not bad since Friday it took 10 hours to drive down there. Most of…

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