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I think Margaret and Helen get it

This pretty much sums up the difference between Democrats and Republicans. For instance, I have learned that when Democrats over-reach, we end up providing health insurance coverage for children who have pre-existing conditions. When Republicans over-reach, we go to war. via Higher Ground « Margaret and Helen. Margaret and Helen […]

Tom Toles gets it right

Once again, Tom Toles nails it. I especially get a kick from Sarah Palin complaining and editorializing about President Obama. The oil spill is a mess, but instead of getting together and fixing it, the radical right is just trying to score cheap points.

President Obama ran for MA senate seat?

Martha Coakley lost the election in Massachusetts. She ran a poor campaign and was a bad choice for political office, that’s all. So even without me checking, I know that many people will start touting this as “GOP begins takeover of the Senate! Obama’s going down as a FAILURE!!” None […]

Well that would sure end Democracy

No matter what risk to passengers, Unions Must Be STOPPED! DeMint said Wednesday that he is concerned that Southers would let TSA screeners join a labor union. via GOP Senator Says Dems Trying to Rush TSA Nominee – Laughable. It must be nice being in the Party of No, […]