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Light bulb! moment with FIOS

Every now and then I recall the words that one of my friends always asked when we were doing some work. “Right. What are you trying to accomplish exactly?” I had migrated a while back from Optimum Online to FIOS… Continue Reading →

Downloading Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix

I’m downloading Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix right now for installing on my Acer Aspire One. Normally I would BitTorrent it but with FIOS it’s coming down directly at +2.1 MB/sec.

FIOS channel guide not updating?

I examined the logs for my visitors and noticed a couple of hits for the search “FIOS channel guide not updating”. When my FIOS was installed last week, I had that exact problem and here is what I found out…. Continue Reading →

What you get with FIOS

My Internet and TV viewing works well but for some reason the guide data is not being loaded onto the set top boxes. While I am waiting for the (hopefully) Monday morning fix to my TV guide data, here is… Continue Reading →

FIOS is a work in progress

The phone is flawless and the Internet connection is amazing.  See the SPEEDTEST.NET results to the right. I just have a small problem with my digital TV service.  At the moment I have no picture at all.  Earlier I had… Continue Reading →

I want to believe (in FIOS that is)

Since Verizon messed up my order yesterday, they informed me that my order was set for 8 AM – 12 noon today.  That sucked but it was better than waiting till next week. And I have to dial into work… Continue Reading →

Getting FIOS installed today

Update: FIOS install delayed. Tomorrow is the new confirmed install date. Just like today was confirmed. Not a good way to start. I’m currently on Optimum Online and I’m having FIOS installed in my house today. It’s not that I… Continue Reading →

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