Around 5:30 PM today I had gotten an e-mail letting me know that my web server was down. I figured that since my server is in my basement, I must have had a brownout. No big deal I’d deal with it when I got home.

Only it was not me for a change. My cable modem was not establishing a connection up stream.  TV was working fine, just no Internet access.

The Cablevision support phone number kept ringing busy.  When I did get through it played a message saying “If you are calling about an Internet outage and live in the following towns, then an outage has been reported.”

The message played the name of every town I had ever heard of in Long Island.  My town was listed at the last one at the very end  with “and Dix Hills”.

At 8:30 PM we got sporadic access back.  The connection is not good and it keeps going down in the middle of a page load.  I’m sure it will be all fixed before midnight. But I’m really dying to know what part of their backbone caused this outage.

Meh. It happens.  Wonder if Verizon will market this outage?

With my old ISP in Queens had a page bulletins from their NOC.  You could look and at least find out what happened and what the ETA was for a fix.  If I find the equivalent page on Optimum Online I’ll update this post.