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Here’s a great short by Disney Animation.

I haven’t yet shown it to my little girl but I am sure she will love it. It’s something I picked up from my RSS feed via Fro Knows Photo.

I follow Jared’s feed for really good RAW editing advice and photo tips but watch the video and you’ll understand why he shared it.

Crayons! And Dragons!

Crayons and imagination, what else do you need? Oh yeah, a dragon really helps too.

This cool animation is a double bonus as my little girl loves to draw and make things.

The boy? He’s currently into WW II tanks, planes, submarines… You get the idea. 🙂

Thanks to the Mary Sue for posting this.

World War – 3D is great

This is a couple of months old but the CGI animation is first rate.  You can see it in HD on the Vimeo web site.

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