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Okay, this may be a setup but it’s really funny

It’s been a busy month, with no sign of it slowing down either! In the meanwhile enjoy this cute video. Even if it’s all setup, it’s still pretty funny.

“Is that how you’re going to do it?”

How Star Wars should have been done. Must see Paul when it’s out on DVD (seriously, it’s just easier that way with my schedule). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were made for each other.

The Onion is so wrong, yet so funny

Words just fail me. This is so funny that I almost feel guilty. Very well produced.

My subconscious at work?

I’m beginning to believe my subconscious has developed super powers. I am jonesing for a new smart phone that works better than my antiquated iPhone 3G. Given the age of my phone that’s not a tall order. To help me… Continue Reading →

I’ll miss Rahm this election season

I don’t watch much SNL but the Rahm impression is really good. Maybe the Democrats can get SNL to run a get out the vote campaign? You know, to counter the GOP don’t vote initiative?

“Really pushes my buttons”

I’m driving my 8-year-old son to the train station to pick up his mother after work at the train station. He’s telling me about a kid that bothered him in school last year. Him: Dad, he made me very upset…. Continue Reading →

To celebrate Rahm Emanuel’s departure

Keep in mind that I like Rahm Emanuel and wish him all the best in the future. Thank you Hulu for hosting this.

“People don’t let guys like you out”

This clip is much more fun than the last one. “I was looking for a beat down and, uh, I got one” a fun interview with Joaquin Phoenix.

If only they tried dancing in episode 4

Something looks different, did Danny learn a new move? The new additions are a great touch. Can you imagine if George Lucas had a platoon of Dance Troopers in the background while Obi-Wan and Darth Vader slugged it out?

Star Wars Improv

I love these guys. George Lucas should be proud.

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