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F.E.A.R.2: Reborn (DLC)

I wanted to get a new FPS so I installed F.E.A.R.2 via Steam and bought F.E.A.R.2: Reborn (DLC) (also via Steam). So far it’s plain fun mayhem.  This expansion is supposed to be short (plays in less than 2 hours)… Continue Reading →

iPhone OS 3.1 is good but iTunes 9 is better

No obvious changes from iPhone 3.0.1 to 3.1 but iTunes 9 is a huge refresh. Worth the download.

Transcoding for the iPhone

This is definitely one of those “you’d better write this down” posts. Being a longtime LINUX monkey, I am used to manipulating files via the command line. The GUI is a fad and if you want to get something done… Continue Reading →

Washington DC trip

Going to Washington DC this year was quite an experience. Here’s what I learned. 1. The Acela is more expensive and only saves about 30 minutes. But it’s worth it, the Acela is roomier and more comfortable. We took the… Continue Reading →

Light up the MG Exia’s head

I can’t read the Japanese text, but this method for lighting up the MG Exia’s head is very cool. See the YouTube video for the finished work.

Today is a time wasting day alright

While going through reddit (serious time wasting) I ran into this cool video on Vimeo. That’s a lot of walking and one way to grow a beard.

Wow, what a great game ending

Lily and I are still watching Fox but the end of the game was great. I was sure that the Giants were going to lose possession of the ball and that the Patriots would just wait out the last minute…. Continue Reading →

Zatoichi Challenged

When you are stuck at home thanks to a wet and icy storm you see a lot of TV. One of the high definition channels we get is the Kung Fu channel. They take a movie and then play it… Continue Reading →

Cousin Brucie comeback?

Looks like Jack FM is getting the boot and the Oldies are coming back. Cool, I liked being able to hear the oldies on the radio sometimes.

Blu-ray gets a boost

This will leave a mark. Blockbuster is going primarily with Blu-ray.

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