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iPhone OS 3.1 is good but iTunes 9 is better

No obvious changes from iPhone 3.0.1 to 3.1 but iTunes 9 is a huge refresh. Worth the download.


  1. Jan,
    I have followed your instructions for the creation and installation of iphone-icon.png but can not get it to show up on my phone.

    i am in WP and updated to the latest. i have put the graphic in the themes folder and have tried the direct link method like it appears that you are using with your graphic.
    do you have any suggestions?

    • I just checked with my iPhone, my blog still works when I add it to my home page so iPhone OD 3.1.2 works.

      I also just replied to the thread on the WordPress forum on this topic.

      If you can provide a link on that forum I’ll take a look at the problem and maybe we can get that problem solved.

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