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This is not a Gutenberg Review, It’s a Blog Post

WordPress users are fantastic. This review and how the reviewer brought it back. My reply is a blog post so here we are and below is my reply.


Hello Jan. I usually write the text all in plain form inside a blog post, then split it with some h2 h3 h4 headings and adding images.

PERFECT! Seriously, thank you for that. 😉 I read many reviews and your reply cheered me up immensely. I’ll let more qualified people reply to that.

About this not being a blog, I beg you pardon if I was OT, but then please tell me, is there an official forum where WordPress users can freely discuss about matters like this?

I’m getting very off topic but the thing with blogs is that they frequently devolve into a mess of either positivity (never saw that myself but I’m keeping an open mind) or negativity (OH YEAH, ALL THE TIME!)

The site is divided into sections for support of the WordPress code, support of plugins and themes, and reviews which is feedback.

When someone leaves a review here it is not a blog post. It’s their experience for that theme or plugin. Though as you know we’ve good software for blogging about that.

If someone leaves a review that is substantive about that plugin or theme then that’s fantastic. Gutenberg’s 4.9.8 callout had the desired effect. People are trying it and for the most part even their 1 star reviews have provided good feedback to improve it.

If someone just vents, hate posts, rage replies then that’s not for here. I don’t think you’re surprised that happens. Such behavior has a limited value and a short shelf-life here. These forums are moderated and no, that’s not censorship in case anyone wants to chime in that way.

You left a review of reviews. I commented about that as a moderator. You replied in an excellent fashion and brought it back to feedback about this plugin and editor. Much thanks!

*Drinks coffee, probably too much but here we are.*

The people who are coding Gutenberg, who are driving it forward, who support the users, who are doing this on their own time for the community are good people. These forums are 100% staffed by volunteers. I know you get that but others will read this and again here we are.

For their efforts they generally get a “thank you” but some disparage them, cast aspersions on their intentions and motivations. The whole effort gets accused by some and something negative and those users are occasionally downright mean and cruel. That may get tolerated on some blogs but that’s abuse and isn’t tolerated long here.

*Finishes off coffee, I’m sure you see a theme with me.*

Thanks again for the update. It’s the weekend so someone may not get to it soon but you’ll get a reply about your experience and some follow up questions.


  1. > Abuse: You get that one, right? Spam, harassment, rage posting.

    Ok, quite many Gutenberg reviews were completely deleted due to some of these reasons but people do not understand, why are similar reviews not deleted at other plugins, see @wp_acf

    Thanks for your work. Please use the same standards everywhere.

    • Any review that is deleted is actually archived. It’s still there but you need to be a moderator role or greater to see it. Regular users can’t and those archived reviews and they do not get tallied in the review count.

      (Insert conversation about bbPress and WordPress roles HERE.)

      Archive is a great option because we’re all human and can and do make mistakes. An archived review can be restored.

      but people do not understand, why are similar reviews not deleted at other plugins, see @wp_acf

      Thanks for your work. Please use the same standards everywhere.

      Standards are applied the same everywhere uniformly and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken. BUT! There’s a “but”.

      Much of the review abuse can be picked up in an automated fashion such as Spam. The forums use Akismet for that reason.

      The rest are manually scanned by a moderator and sometimes things do slip by that effort. It’s a resource thing and not a matter of favoritism.

      Forum users, theme and plugin authors report reviews all the time. They all get looked at. Sometimes it’s because someone does not like a review and that’s an awful reason to report a review or topic.

      Abuse gets dealt with but that’s the purview of forum moderators. If they don’t agree with the person who reported it then it will not be redacted or archived.

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