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Mad Moxxi’s Underdome single player really is pointless

The PC version of Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC is out. It’s like those arena challenges in Borderlands except you have to win the round 4 or 5 consecutive times per arena. I can’t recall the exact number because of the catch: when you die on a level you need to start the whole thing over again.

That irks me to no end. I understand that this is really a multi-player game and that more than one player is really needed but this makes the game virtually impossible to beat single player. I got extremely close in one sitting but died at the last minute. This put me in the penalty box where I was declared defeated and needed to start over from scratch.

That sucks and just makes the game needlessly frustrating. Single player on this DLC is just pointless. The graphics and game play are good, and listening to Moxxi do the showman thing is great fun (while trying not to get killed).  But if you don’t have any buddies to play online with you’re screwed.

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. i completely agree, i just wasted a huge amount of money on this DLC, and i cant even do anything with it! at least add 3 AI buddies to help you, or at least have another chance for fewer players

    1. I was able to go back and complete Mad Moxxi’s Underdome by finishing the General Knoxx DLC and then going back loaded up.

      I took my level 61 Playthough 2 character and went to the Playthrough 1 version. Then I was able to win.