Yesterday while Lily was out with our daughter shopping and swimming (in that order) I took our son to the American Airpower Museum. On Veteran’s Day the museum dedicated a Sherman tank and I knew he wanted to see it.

You can see the photos I took Saturday as well as other days on my Flickr page.

My family routinely visits this museum. It’s like visiting the Smithsonian but more real and down to earth. Most of the planes on display are operational and others are being repaired. We didn’t get to see the Sherman move (there was a Navy ceremony going on) but we did get to take in the usual sights.

This museum combines history with tangible testimony. The staff are always helpful and can tell you some stories about the displays. If you are in Nassau county, or are on the western part of Suffolk county then do yourself and you kids a favor and stop by. It’s definitely worth it.