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Epson printers rock

Back in January I became the recipient of my brother Stefan’s Epson Stylus Photo R300 color printer. He no longer used it because he had a better one and the R300 inks would run. The printer was discontinued and replaced with a newer version.

So I bought inks and premium glossy photo paper. The problems he had? I just don’t see it. I’m on vacation and I’m printing up a storm. In Photoshop Elements 8 I can even print edge to edge and the results look fantastic.

I used to be an avowed HP Inkjet fantastic but Epson’s R300 has converted me.

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Jan Dembowski

4 replies

    1. That might be the case but I have a feeling the ink formula was updated.

      My prints look gorgeous. I had planned to replace the printer once the supplies are out but now I’m not so sure.

  1. Sorry to say but I have just retired my Epson for a Canon. I found that the Epson used masses of ink so was expensive to run (I guess that’s what happens when one buys a cheap printer ;). The canon is nice and fast and is far less expensive on ink!

    1. I haven’t checked lately, but Epson’s strategy seems to be to sell the printer and make lots of money off the inks.

      Originally I was planning on just getting a new Epson when this set of ink is done. But so far this printer hasn’t let me down.