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Mad Moxxi’s Underdome single player really is pointless

The PC version of Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC is out. It’s like those arena challenges in Borderlands except you have to win the round 4 or 5 consecutive times per arena. I can’t recall the exact number because of the catch: when you die on a level you need to start the whole thing over again.

That irks me to no end. I understand that this is really a multi-player game and that more than one player is really needed but this makes the game virtually impossible to beat single player. I got extremely close in one sitting but died at the last minute. This put me in the penalty box where I was declared defeated and needed to start over from scratch.

That sucks and just makes the game needlessly frustrating. Single player on this DLC is just pointless. The graphics and game play are good, and listening to Moxxi do the showman thing is great fun (while trying not to get killed).  But if you don’t have any buddies to play online with you’re screwed.

Woo, they got the Newark Scare Guy

Nice to see Senator Lautenberg still goes for the sound bite. Is he up for re-election?

“This was a terrible deed in its outcome — it wasn’t some prank that didn’t do any harm — it did a lot of harm because it sent out an alert that people can get away with something like this,” Lautenberg said.

via Police arrest man in Newark security breach – Airliner security-

My children sometimes see my blog so I’m not going to type what I really think.

This guy went around a fabric barrier just like the ones in your bank line to see the teller. Every time I get off of an airplane and walk to the luggage area, I always think “Geez, anyone could just walk in this way”. And surprise! Someone did. And now he’s faced with a $500 fine. I’m also betting that ICE suddenly decides to deport him.

If ICE does do that, that would be very wrong. This guy’s infraction really is only worth a fine. It’s the TSA that needs to learn from this and buckle up their process. I don’t blame the TSA guard who let this happen for 2 reasons: he’s a only security guard and NOT law enforcement, and it’s not his fault that his managers can’t enforce coverage when one of their guys needs to walk away for some reason.

At Penn Station I see many TSA guards and personally I think that they’re utterly useless. What does cheer me up is that I see the same number of Amtrak police officers in the same area. I expect real law enforcement to keep me safe, I don’t expect much from overworked and low paid door guards. I don’t have a problem with TSA staff but let’s be honest about what they are and what they do.

So the Senator from New Jersey thinks that this revealed some horrible secret weakness in our airports. I’m hoping that the evil people who exploit these things have the same quality of smarts as our elected officials.

Moving WordPress again

I have been running my blog on the URL for years. If you are familiar with WordPress then that’s an OK URL to use but most people are more comfortable with a generic name.

I did not want to use (already used for a place holder) and did not want to put move to a folder off of the web server. So I picked and moved my WordPress install this morning.

It went very well.

I created a new virtual server for on my server and enabled it in Apache 2 (a2ensite and copied all of my files from the old wp directory to the new blog directory.

I used my nightly backup script and produced a text file of my mysql database. I then ran this command on that text file:

$ cat wp-database.sql | sed -e 's/' > new-database.sql
$ cat new-database.sql | mysql -D blogdbname -u blog-user -p

I did it that way on purpose so that I could always restore the old setting if I messed this up. By hunting through and changing every instance of to in the database backup file, I guaranteed that even obscure plugin settings would get updated as well.

In my old directory I moved everything out and left a two line .htaccess file like so

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

That way any hits to will get 301 Permanently Moved to the same URL but on

After a little testing everything is confirmed to be working. I am in the process of updating my stats settings in Clicky and Google Analytics but so far so good.

More off camera flash

In September I fooled around with the off camera flash. Since then I have not really taken advantage of it so yesterday I intentionally used it like crazy.

The Nikon family of cameras from the D80 and up support off camera flash using CLS.  This takes your pop-up flash and lets it be in commander mode.  This way the pop-up flash is not used to light the scene, instead it’s used to tell the nearby flash in remote mode to go off.

The results can be fun and you get a more naturally lit photo. The above shot was taken using the ceiling as my reflector.  It’s not a good example as I probably could have gotten the same results just pointing SB-800 straight up while attached to my camera but you get the idea.

During this get together I just left the flash on the table and pointed it up at the ceiling. I’m hoping with some more practice I can get better and have more fun. Lucky for me my friends and family are tolerant of the nut with the camera; I took almost a 100 pictures alone last night.