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Threaded comment are fixed

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Using a comment callback function in WordPress 2.7, I was trying to customize the threaded comments and ran into a problem. So I left a comment on Jeremy’s blog. He contacted me and was able to find the problem and provide a fix.  His post has been updated with that small change and it’s all good.

Very cool, you can’t get that kind of response from any software company. I’ll keep playing around with the comment format, but now I can implement anything I like and take full advantage of the threaded comment feature.

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No thanks needed: the nice thing about hosting my own domain and servers is that I get to install software anytime I want 🙂

That problem was driving me nuts. Now I just need to work on my CSS to get the comments looking “spiffy”.

Hi Jan, I found my threaded comment weird because when replying to certain comment, it didn’t appear below the comment. Instead, it got kicked to the end of the comment list. Is it also one of the CSS error?

example: this page.


Your (professional, great looking, well done, inspired) theme is missing the needed Javascript in the head portion.

Make sure your theme’s header.php has a

if ( is_singular() ) wp_enqueue_script( ‘comment-reply’ );

right before your .

That will load the needed JavaScript and hopefully it will work.

See Otto’s post for more info.

Great! That’s a big help for me! Thank you so much! 🙂
Things working great now except the css code to fix the reply comment form that go beyond the edge of the sidebar.

thanks for your compliment, I hope you will also enjoy the contents. 😉


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