Extracted Wisdom tooth

I feel the same, but my face sure is swollen. The kids want to know why my face got so fat.

This is the second extraction I’ve had with this dentist (first time was another problem tooth) and each time it’s a tough job. My teeth are too stubborn and it took about an hour to get out all the pieces.

My dentist was pretty cool about when I took out my Nikon and took some pictures; he’s got a Canon model with a ring flash. I’ve got a gruesome picture of the tooth pieces on a plate but I won’t be sharing that one on the Internet.

My dentist did a good job and except for a dull pain, the healing is coming along nicely. Although I can’t wait for my chin to go back to normal.

I’ve had a busy schedule lately and have posts queued for tethering your netbook with your iPhone and what I’m looking for in a new camera. If I get the chance I’ll complete some of that write up tonight.