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To Digital SLR or not

I’m not a camera person.  I have a really good memory for events and like to talk to people. I can’t show people what I saw but the telling is very entertaining.

This really means I take lousy pictures, mostly because my hands shake. Using a small camera like our Canon SD400 always get a poor photo.

One of my brothers is a genuine camera enthusiast.  His current camera is a Nikon D80 and he looks longingly at the D300.  If he won the lottery he’d go nuts and get a D3 with a whole compliment of new lens, new flash, tripod, etc.  You can see Stefan’s work at his Flickr page, he really enjoys working with his camera.

Doing his civilian duty to boost the economy, Stefan has been successful at getting co-workers to purchase DSLRs.   One of our co-workers recently got a Nikon D60 and let me play with it.

It’s a remarkably comfortable camera.  The package came with two VR lens and just for goofs, I took some test pictures by zooming the 200mm lens out, standing in my most awkward pose and shot a photo of a sign.

The picture was very stable, no blurriness at all that I could complain about.  Playing with the aperture size, ISO, etc, got me different yet cool results.  I played with the 15-55mm lens as well; the D60 is targeted at people like me who are thinking of getting into semi-serious digital photography.  Since I’m not clever enough to just rest the camera, the VR lens are great.

The owner of the camera had shot over 900 picts in only a couple of days; I could easily see my self tormenting the family taking lots of pictures like that.

I had no idea what I was doing but it was pretty entertaining to me.  So now I am thinking about pricing out that D60 package.  We’re planning a couple of trips with the kids and being able to post decent shots would be a bonus.

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. I have a closet full of old Nikon film cameras that I used until the late ’90’s. I bought a Kodak Easyshare point and shoot that was ok but I had a hard time operating that small a camera. I needed a camera that fit my hands.

    Five years ago I bought the Nikon D70s and I was hooked, the camera fits my hand like a glove and works flawlessly. It’s 6.2 megapixels is dated but the quality of the images has never disappointed me. I just bought a Tokina 100mm macro lens and love the way it works on the camera body. In macro work digital is the way to go because you can review your work as you go – no sending the film off and waiting for it to return.

    Maybe I’ll treat myself to the D300s next year.

    1. Bob,

      The D70s is a good camera and my sister-in-law sometimes still uses hers. We’re a Nikon family. 🙂

      I did end up purchasing the Nikon D60 and I’ve never looked back. At the moment I’m getting good use from my D300s.

      If you get the chance, do get the D300s. You won’t be disappointed.