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Look’s like Sharon Stone is getting some karma

Sometimes talented people say stupid things and wish they hadn’t. I’m sure she’ll put this all in the context of The Great Struggle Against Evil.

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The ironic thing is the most devastated areas have a dense population of Tibetans, the very people she is supposedly standing up for. I’d like to ask her what bad karma they did to endure such suffering? People like this have no true understanding of the concept of Karma.

She definitely put her mouth in gear before thinking.

It was a very insensitive thing to say. In addition to being dropped as a spokesperson for product endorsements, her films will get banned in one of the largest markets in the world.

And now she is saying she wants to help the earthquake victims. What a slap in the face to the Chinese people. The earthquake was a terrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the Chinese people. The demise of Sharon Stone’s career shows real Karma in action.

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