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Better than washing his mouth with soap

My son will turn 7 this year and like many first grade kids, he has learned some swear words. He also learned that he is NOT to say those words.

Today I met him when he got of the bus. I began with “We spoke to your teacher today” and he quickly replied “Yes I know. I’m sorry, I said a bad word.”

Now today we had a scheduled parent teacher meeting.  I had no idea he used a “bad word” and I was going to say that I was impressed with how well he is doing in school.  We started with the usual lecture about swearing and he pretty much gave us the brush off and made it clear it was no big deal.

Uh huh. I immediately drove to Pathmark, went straight to the pharmacist, and asked them for a bottle of cod liver oil.  This got an odd look and when I told them what it was for they said “Healthy and yet tastes awful”.  It’s a great source of vitamin A and D.

When I got home, my son was making it clear that he was not going to have any.  I took out the tablespoon and the teaspoon and explained “If I have to make you drink this, you are getting the big spoon.”

After some hysterics and me making it clear that he is not getting out of this, he took the teaspoon.  He rinsed out his mouth but trust me, he’ll be burping that taste for hours.  I should know, how do you think I came up with this idea?