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Monster Cable has got to be kidding

Just read this on Consumerist. This is a Monster Cable web site about the Monster Mini Golf lawsuit. From Monster Cable’s point of view. It’s a pretty pathetic read. They sued another company in another area of business because they used the word Monster in their business name. That’s […]

Cold called by

I don’t like getting calls from strangers.  I’m on the national do not call list for that reason, and whenever the “We’re taking a survey” creeps call I give them the short spiel: Them: Hello, we’re taking a survey and not soliciting anything – Me: Remove my number from your […]

The Christmas tree is up

We used the old tree; no one really liked the 2007 tree. Last year’s tree was pre-lit and many of the lights went out.  This one has about 20 strings of lights on it! When it gets cold it can heat up as room 🙂 I put up the branches […]

WordPress 2.7 is shaping up nicely

I’ve had this blog on WordPress 2.7-beta using SVN for a while. So when it went release candidate, all I had to do was another just run another “svn up”. The comment enhancements are cool and Otto provided a good write up for modifying the files to take advantage of […]

Speed Grade Wing Gundam

My son completed another model. This time the 1/200 Speed Grade Wing Gundam. I have to slow him down or we’ll run out of models for him to work on. This one is his third model this week. It’s great seeing him concentrate on the parts and following directions. He […]