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Upgraded the laptop to Gutsy Gibbon

Cool Ubuntu logo from www.linuxextremist.comLast night ran the command ‘sudo update-manager -c’ and after a few prompts left the laptop running the distribution upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. This morning I rebooted it at the prompt and poof I’m upgraded.

I usually don’t think that Linux has a real chance on the desktop; it’s just not the consumers choice. But seamless upgrades and making it so easy to use keeps me wondering. No way a Microsoft upgrade is this easy.

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. I used to take the Linux-is-not-for-the-desktop stance. I run Gentoo on my fileserver with a RAID 5 setup, gigabit NICs and a torrent client. That’s been fantastic. But my last experience on the desktop was with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, and that didn’t go so well. Installed the ATI binary drivers, and the system just had a panic every time it tried to start the X server.

    Gutsy Gibbon convinced me to give it another go, and much to my surprise I’m thinking of just ditching Windows altogether. The few games I still play (mostly Steam-based games like Team Fortress 2) work under Wine, as does stuff like Photoshop. And I never knew my computer could feel so responsive. 😛

    It’s got all the things I like about Vista (the flashy interface) without the downsides.

  2. Pie Pants,

    That’s a good server setup 🙂 personally I use OpenSUSE for my servers but to each their own.

    I agree, Gutsy Gibbon is really responsive. On my Dell XPS 700 720 it runs fast at the highest resolution with the fun Compiz effects. I can see people using it more and more just on the fact it’s so easy to work with. I don’t think conquering the desktop is in the cards just yet, but the Ubuntu crowd is sure trying.

    For my laptop it’s 100% Ubuntu. After having the XP that came with it crash over and over, I just can’t figure on going back.

    I’m having problems getting Steam to install on the laptop. It loads and works until Steam tries to update steam.exe. It complains about already running. I’ll work on getting that fixed; it used to work…