Forbidden CityFrom CNN’s website: “Starbucks out of China’s Forbidden City” which made me ask “What was a Starbucks doing there?”

Lily and I were there in 1998. The Forbidden City was more museum like than anything else. The big sign in English read “Palace Museum”. The whole city was filled with people looking to make money so I’m not surprised that a Starbucks was there.

I know that Starbucks has been asked to leave, but the Chinese government should reverse that decision and let Starbucks stay.

Why stop with just having a Starbucks? There are huge sections of the Forbidden City just dedicated to storage and are in disrepair. They ought to be able to fit in a mall without impacting the existing buildings.

Imagine how cool the golden arches would look viewed from Tiananmen Square? I mean with the population being what it is I think that would be a prime Costco location too.