Nuts, BlackBerry does not support 64-bit Vista

What a pain. The BlackBerry Desktop manager pops up an error message that can be translated into “BlackBerry does not have enough 64-bit customers to justify making a 64 bit driver. Go buy a Mac.”

Scratch that: Ignore the error message, sync works fine.

11 thoughts on “Nuts, BlackBerry does not support 64-bit Vista

  1. I have vista 64 and a blackberry pearl 8100 and have spent countless hours with blackberry support to try
    to get the phone features to work.
    As yet they don’t and I’ve had the phone since sept/07.

    They assure me the phone isn’t faulty and won’t give me
    a replacement. They jack me around and put me thru
    loads of busy work …take out your battery .. try your
    sim card in another phone…etc. just hoping I will give up I guess. They are rude on the phone and hang up on me when they run out of ideas which forces me
    to call again and get another rep and I have to go thru the same story over and over. I hate blackberry
    and I wish I had never got it.
    It’s worthless.

  2. Marcie,

    I’m with you on that. I wrote this blog entry in August 07. I’ve had enough problems that I just use my Pearl 8100 for phone, e-mail, and reading Google Reader on the LIRR. I don’t connect it to me PC anymore, it is just too much of a pain.

    Next month after the excitement dies down, I’m seriously thinking of buying an Apple iPhone 3G.

  3. I am confused… does the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 sync with a Windows Vista 64bit system?

    I just bought my labtop a month ago, and my old palm tx does not sync with it, so I need a phone that will sync my calendar/contacts/tasks (as well as having an mp3 player) with my 64 bit cpu. I do not have the money for an iphone.

  4. Chris,

    It’s been over a year but I was not able to get it to sync properly with my e-mail using Outlook 2007.

    I was able to use the sync for installing files but it was a pain. The BlackBerry software would also install Roxio which did not play well with my iTunes software.

    If you really are thinking of getting a 8100, give your wireless carrier a call and ask them if they fully support your operating system. Also ask them for where you can download the software.

    Good luck.

  5. I have a Blackberry Curve 8300 and Windows Vista 64 bit operating system and everything installed okay on the first attempt and all features (Redirector, Desktop Manager) work fine. I sync it with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and no problems there either.

    I am experienceing computer freeze ups that may be attributable to Redirector but can’t isolate it yet. Dell is working with me on it to find the problem.

  6. Jan: (Edited by Jan to correct the misspelling of my first name…)
    It didn’t take much patience on my part because it worked the first time without any hitches. Just lucky I guess.

    My situation is unique – aren’t they all. I bought the Blackberry because they were one of the few phones that are supported by Mercedes bluetooth system. I bought a new CL550 earlier this year and didn’t find out about that until after I got the car. Plus, I live in a rather hilly area of Southern California and the only cell service that works around here is Sprint. I would have gone to the Iphone because MB supports it but I can’t get good coverage with AT&T or anything else but Sprint.

    Really frustrating though working with Vista. My computer (I’ve only had it for a month) freezes at least twice a day for no reason. I suspect it’s either Blackberry Redirector or Norton Internet Security. Haven’t been able to isolate.

  7. It appears that Blackberry/Rim is wanting to take the market on SmartDevies but don’t want to put the time it bringing their development tools up to date. It seems to me that most developers are moving and have moved to 64 bit. When is Blackberry going to follow suite.

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