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Woot: Xbox 360 arrives

XBOX-360Okay when the xbox 360 came out, like many folks I figured I’d just go and pick one up at the store.

R-i-i-i-i-ght. Supply was non-existent and people were lining up the night before. So I ordered the premium system online at EBgames. It arrived Thursday. My boy loves it. I got the racing game Full Auto for the kids, it is a game where you drive around and blow stuff up. I also picked up a few other shooter games that I don’t allow the kids to even see.

The graphics are amazing and the system interface is very well thought out. I hooked up the box to the Internet, setup my online “gamer tag”? and poof. In another racing game Project Gotham Racing 3 I am going through the qualifier races. Thanks to Internet connectivity I get to see online how badly I rank in the world…

I usually do all my gaming on my PC, so switching to a console after all these years ought to be a challenge. As long as I’m careful as to what games the kids can see or play it ought to be fun for all.