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Windows 7

Far Cry 2 is just as buggy on Windows 7

Nice to see somethings don’t change. Last night Far Cry 2 created a BSOD on Windows 7. Still a fun game but it crashing all the time ruins it.

Installed Windows 7 RC

My Dell XPS720 has been locking up and staying dead for hours. The only thing that would bring it back was unplugging the PC from the power and wait till it forgave whatever offense I committed. This week I backed… Continue Reading →

Windows 7 RC1 installed

I’ve installed Windows 7 RC1 on a old P4 with 1GB RAM, GeForce 5600FX, 140 GB HD. So far so good.

It’s like Vista but sucks much less

I’ll probably upgrade to Windows 7 when it is available.  But then I do like swearing at my PC, and this will be the “best version of Windows ever” again.

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