Ice-and-grassI left work early before 11 this morning. I had to do something that you just can’t do remotely and as soon as it was done, I headed home.

We’ve been hit with an ice storm. Everything is covered in a layer snow and ice. I just got the mail and if it were not for the grass sticking out of the ice I’d have not gotten back to the house in one piece.

Lily’s on her way home. All the LIRR trains are messed up so she is headed to a station that normally we don’t go to. I’m going to get her and leave the kids with my folks.

This is not what I had in mind for Valentines Day! Oh well, Valentines Day really is everyday. Lily and I don’t get gifts for each other (18 years with her this year, there is no way I can surprise her anymore). It’s much more fun to get gifts outside of the holidays.

Wonder if she still wants those diamond earrings…