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Bipartisanship is dead already

From a Fox news web article:

Some Republicans believe President Obama killed any chance for bipartisanship when he opened the possibility of prosecution and a congressional investigation of Bush-era lawyers who authorized “enhanced” interrogation techniques on terror suspects.

Possible Interrogation Probe Dashes Hopes for Bipartisanship Under Obama

Now they say bipartisanship is dead? Remember children, it’s only bipartisan when you do exactly what the Republicans tell you to do.

They stage “tax” protests where people call out labels like fascist and socialism without coming up with any solution. The real protest is that they just dislike President Obama.

They stage a vote and the Republicans reject all stimulus plans. Then they go home and brag to their constituents and take credit for the bill they voted against.

And except for a few, they are insisting that torture is not torture.

What these politicians fail to understand is that the United States was never supposed to try to emulate the Khmer Rouge. We are supposed to be better than that, and not repeat the lie “But it worked, so it’s good”. It’s torture when anyone does it.

How can people not be horrified by this? Americans don’t torture is what it should always be, not Americans don’t torture because we say it’s not torture when we do it. Our enemies are real, evil, and want to kill us. This is not the way to fight terrorists; you can’t out evil them.

These Republicans need to stop being party hacks and start becoming American.