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Getting carried away!/cynthiaboaz/status/139599128601706496

This sort of statement is inflammatory and is just another false equivalency. Yes, UC Davis and other militarization of American Police is awful and frightening.

But OWS is not a revolution and people really aren’t dying here. Not liking the outcome of elections or how the democracy played out isn’t what’s happening in Egypt.

Occupy Wall Street is an valid and legitimate protest but it’s important to remember that it’s just a protest and nothing more. Wishing otherwise doesn’t make it so and getting past a fad is a tough thing to do.

I don’t like the Tea Party. I think that they simplify politics to the absolute lowest common denominator and their complaints can be summed up as “It’s all YOUR fault!” with the YOUR being whoever is the flavor of the week. And despite words to the contrary, they do bring out racist behavior.

That said, as an American I am immensely proud of the Tea Party method. They organize and they vote. I don’t like their intentions but they are using the system and are achieving their goal of changing what the elected officials do and say.

The Tea Party drives the Republican Party. Just look at the endless GOP debates. With the possible exception of Jon Huntsman, each one of those candidates is pandering to the radical right. Mitt Romney is struggling because he’s compromised in the past as any good leader should do.

If Occupy Wall Street wants to change the way the 99% are being used by the 1%, then they have to work within that system. We’re not Egypt and comparing the situation to Tahrir Square is disrespectful of those efforts. The OWS protests have shown that they can get lots of people together but can they accomplish change like the Tea Party does? That remains to be seen.

Here’s an idea: just do the right thing

The Tea Party convention has affected me. Go watch this video at’s web site. Take your time.

Back? Now let’s pass a law that lets the President of the United States simply point his finger at anyone and say “Enemy Combatant”.  With that one pronouncement the government can grab anyone and do anything to that person. No rights, no trial, just “the President says so”.

This really is not a crazy idea since it’s already happened in this country. The lady in the video (the one with the crib notes on her hand) is playing a popular but dangerous game.

The idea is that we can brush aside the laws of this country, when it is those laws that make this  country great.  This thing, our constitution, this does not happen in other countries. It can take years, but here in the United States that one person can stand up to the government and get redress. It’s doable if you are strong enough and want it enough. It doesn’t always work out but the opportunity exists.

We have rights and they are defined by our constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our amendments. This is an amazing thing and for anyone to say someone here does not have the benefit of our laws is a sign of weakness. It’s cowardice.

What these great patriots just don’t want to admit is this: someone dying is the worse thing that can happen to that person and his family. Someone getting maimed or crippled, or violently losing a loved one, that is a devastating and horrible thing. I pray and hope it never happens to me and mine.

But it’s not the worst thing that can happen to a country. We can be safe and secure without sacrificing the principles that Americans have fought and died for. It’s not easy, but Americans can do anything when they are strong enough.