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Watching the shower get fixed

Yesterday Lily stayed at home and got the contractors started on our bathroom.  They have done work for us before and don’t need us but we wanted to start off right.

Today it was my turn so I took a day off and ran errands.  Me and the owner of the contracting company went to Home Depot looking for tiles.  The ride there was fun.  I was the passenger explaining how to get to Home Depot and the driver spoke English very poorly.

The Home Depots around here don’t really have much selection of tile so I ended up buying the tiles from a local seller.  The store did not have it in stock, so I took a 15 mile ride by myself to their warehouse.  I had to get 7 boxes of tiles.

The ride was in my MINI Cooper and my only GPS was my iPhone.  It was in Old Westbury and when I got to a light I pulled out my iPhone and checked my position in the GPS.

Drive, stop, check GPS. I must have been the poster boy for why you can’t use cell phones while driving.

Once I got there I filled up the back of the MINI and came home.

Oh sure, it’s just a little leak

Broken shower

We thought we had a little leak in the shower faucet.  After we started looking at the damage it became apparent that it was much more than we thought.

The ceiling in the living room below was showing some water damage but not like this.  The board behind the tiles was not water proof, so very little cracks in the grout caused the beams to get soaked.  It’s probably been going on for months.

. . .

Oh well, we’ll get this fixed and repair the room below.  It’ll be nice to not worry about the this anymore but gah, you never have small problems when you own a house.