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Senator Roland W. Burris: It just keeps getting better

This guy needs to resign. Not because he’s corrupt but because he is a really bad liar.

First it was he did not get asked to raise money.

Then it was he was asked to raise money. But not by the Governor, it was his brother that asked. But he turned it down and did not try to raise any money. And it was the Senate’s fault that they did not ask specifically about the Blagojevich’s brother.

Now he did try to raise money! But it’s okay, he’s really bad at it.

From the NY Times article:

At a Presidents’ Day dinner in Peoria, Mr. Burris again denied any wrongdoing. He said he had been treated unfairly by Republicans and by the news media. “The media now is almost destroying my character,” Mr. Burris said.

The state of Illinois is having a rough time.  Their junior senator is an idiot.

Your tax dollars at work

Senator Reid may permit Roland Burris to be seated if Burris promised to bow, genuflect appropriately, and sign a statement etc., etc.,  etc.. I am sure that list will include Burris being told to kiss his ham.

Sigh, this is pointless.

While everyone can agree that Blagojevich is a low life, he is a low who has the ability to appoint interim senators for the state of Illinois. Since that has not changed, and Burris has been appointed, the Senate should stop their pointless postering and get to work.