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Safari 3 beta, safer and faster?

Security. Sweet.

Safari Security

Security on Safari 3 Beta. Not so sweet.

BetaNews | ‘Day One’ for Safari for Windows Becomes Zero-Day Nightmare

Speed! Sweet.

Safari Speed

Speed. Can’t see the increase myself. Not so sweet.

Joel on Software: Apple Safari for Windows: The world’s slowest web browser

Joel updates the post a few times regarding the speed thing. I get a kick out of his “Safari even managed to bring the inferior font rendering of the OS X platform to Windows, no easy trick.”

I’ve already removed it from my system. When I need to check a web page for how it displays, I use Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, and Opera 9. If I could easily swing it I would also check with Internet Explorer 6. I guess having a working Safari on Windows would be useful, but I’ll wait for it to come out of beta.

The claims of better, faster, more secure just irks me. It would not have been that difficult to have someone reputable ethically hack Safari 3 beta before releasing it. Given the large number of security folks who are “Give me Mac or give me death!” I’m sure they could have found some good volunteers.

Images lifted from Apple’s Safari web page.

Safari 3 beta for Windows

Safari iconYou can download Safari 3 for Windows beta here.

I’m not sure why this would matter for Apple. It’s a prettier browser (the font rendering is very anti-aliased) but this beta did bad things when I tried to write this blog entry using the built in WordPress editor. What’s the point for Apple? Will Safari make a Vista user buy a Mac?

It’s like Firefox without the extensions. It’s supposed to be faster but I’m just not seeing it on my PC.