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RIAA successfully shakes down another victim

So Jammie Thomas’s verdict went from $222,000 to $1.92 million in her re-trial.  I still think her “gremlins did it” defense was the height of stupidity but if anything, this verdict shows that the laws are seriously flawed. $80,000 per… Continue Reading →

More RIAA sillynesss

EFF good, RIAA bad. That’s a pretty simple and yet accurate way of looking at things. If this Washington Post article is to be believed, then the RIAA is going after virtually every iPod user. A consumer in Arizona is… Continue Reading →

You need to be this tall to use a computer

Actually that should be “you need to understand how an application works before you can use it”. I think that Jammie Thomas would be better off today if she understood what could happen in the real world with using an… Continue Reading →

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