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Speaker Pelosi is such a politican

Except for continuing to be re-elected, Congresswoman Pelosi is a failure.

But speaking on Fox News Sunday, Pelosi said she wants Congress to consider repealing tax cuts on those who make over $250,000 immediately and is pushing for a congressional investigation into whether the Bush administration illegally fired federal prosecutors two years ago.

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Now with only days left in the Bush administration, she wants investigations. I happen to agree with her, but I do not want that enabling, pandering, self-serving Speaker of the House involved. She kept her head in the sand and now she wants to do this for no other reason to claim credit. She’s a real politician.

I think that the tax cuts should be reviewed for their effectiveness, I don’t know if they do work or not.  That review should be from economists that are recognized by both sides of the aisle. If the tax cuts are good for the economy they should stay.  If they don’t help, they should go.  But the economy has to be the driver not some fake conservative philosophy or some fake liberal one either.

I also think the Bush administration should be investigated.  It appears that instead of looking at the law to solve problems, they looked for reasons to justify breaking the law. That does need investigation and if people were found to be breaking the law they must be held accountable as a warning to people in the future.

But also investigate the role of prominent politicians who must have known better. Pelosi and Reid should not get a pass.

Cold called by

I don’t like getting calls from strangers.  I’m on the national do not call list for that reason, and whenever the “We’re taking a survey” creeps call I give them the short spiel:

Them: Hello, we’re taking a survey and not soliciting anything –

Me: Remove my number from your list and never call me again. Goodbye and have a nice day.

And then I hang up.  I don’t know if it really works but I get less and less calls.

Robo-calling is pathetic.  When you get a call from a system, they intentionally leave out anyway to get off their list. Politicians use robo-calling and I think that is the worst thing I can say about that.

I just got a call from  Apparently one of my neighbors lost a beige chihuahua and is using this service to find their dog.  I’ve had pets so I can sympathize but I don’t have to like it. uses a service called Call-em-All. While tracking down lost pets is admirable, does not do that; they annoy neighbors. I went to that web site and opt-ed out.

Call-em-All’s name sounds like a problem right there.  If people don’t like getting calls from strangers, how exactly will they feel about getting an automated call without an easy non-Internet connected way to make it stop? It’s all automated so how is this not a problem for people like me who are registered with the DNC list?

Sigh, I’m in the technology business but some business ideas should have been put down in it’s infancy.

Same old political pandering

Telcom immunity: I’ll wait to see if the Democrats sold out the constitution again, but I’m willing to bet they did.  No politician has any principles during an election year.

Update: Crooks and Liars has more, but it looks like it’s a done deal.  These Democrats are not Blue Dogs, they are Blue Cowards.  All it takes is the President to say something is legal and game over, you have no rights.

Anything from detaining American citizens, torturing people, to spying on our own population is allowed.  All it takes is for a brown shirt government employee to say “War on Terror” and for the President to say “this is legal”.  No one is held accountable, no one has to deal with the consequences of their actions.

When the Democrats opposed blanket immunity I was thinking that maybe these dark days are closing.  It was all a scam; the Democrats are up for election too.

I’m upset and I can’t wait for January 20th, 2009.  Even if it’s McCain at least we’ll get a new king.