This afternoon I had an appointment in Chinatown and when it was over I text messaged Lily to let her know I’m headed home.

Her reply should not have surprised me.

Can you get me some longan?

This is not really a good idea. I may have come back with cat food for all I know about fruit. Longan is a fruit right?

So I text back my “concerns” and get another not surprising reply.

You are there and I am not.

The cart on corner of Canal and Mulberry right next to the bank and Kam Man… The one I usually go to.

There is no reasoning with some people. I called her and walked over. Canal is crazy with vistors this time of year and it was more crowded than ever. It was $5 per lb and that was considered a good price. What do I know about how much it costs? I asked for 2 lbs.

The man started scooping up the loose longan for weighing. Full stop! I wanted the longan that was grouped together on the branch. I may not know anything about fruit but I do know that I’d really get it if I brought that home.


So now I’m headed home, typing this up, taking photos and sharing this from the train. Technology is grand but it’s no substitute for someone getting you the fruit you wanted.

I just hope Lily and our girl like it. Me and the boy won’t touch this stuff.