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Will it snow this time?

Last Friday night the LIRR was talking about if 10 inches of snow fall, then they will shut down the entire train system. That only sounds bad since last time it snowed some poor people were kidnapped and held hostage… Continue Reading →

And now my car got broken into

Today was an odd day. Not bad exactly, but definitely odd. I went to work for a scheduled systems upgrade.  Lily and the kids went to Central Park and after work we met in Chinatown.  When we returned to Long… Continue Reading →

Looks like no Amtrak strike

I heard on 1010 WINS this morning that a tentative agreement between 9 unions and Amtrak was going to be announced today. That’s a relief as both Lily and I both take the LIRR to Penn Station get to work…. Continue Reading →

Mineola train crash and the wrong restaurant

Wow. This image is from Newsday’s web site. Lily and I usually try to catch the 5:53 PM to Ronkonkoma out of Penn Station. Thursday night all the passengers were told that there was a fatal car accident at Mineola…. Continue Reading →

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