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Joost got better

One of the things that I did not like about Joost was it needed a client to work. On my PCs that client frequently crashed so I uninstalled it and did not bother to try it much.

Now they’ve converted to a Flash based web page.  I’ve just watched some of my favorite scenes from The Professional and a CSI episode. So far there is a brief ad before the show but it’s not intrusive.  It went from a kludgy client to a simple web based service.

I don’t think I’ll watch whole movies on Joost but it just got added to my list of fun time wasters.

Got Joost 1.0.2 to work with Vista 64

I’m home sick today so I have time to goof off.  I got Joost 1.0.2 working on Vista 64, it was the simplest thing of all.  In the shortcut properties disable Windows XP SP2 compatibility.  That’s it. I’m watching Numbers right now.