Browser Says NoOver at they talked about the HydraBrowser and how it may go too far with features.

It looks like Internet Explorer with enough add ons to make it “special”. It was special alright; after I ran it it wanted a user ID and password. I canceled that (I just wanted to see the web) and entered a as the URL.

Nothing. No error message, nada.

Control Panel -> Uninstall Software -> Hydra Setup (publisher is listed as Microsoft?) and good bye. Back to Firefox for me. Install to uninstall in less that 10 minutes. I’m sure if it were some other software I’d spend some time with it, but it’s a web browser. How hard should it be?

Update: After the author left some good feedback below, I installed v1.07 on my laptop. It’s not bad and I’m listening to radio via Hydra as I update this. The browser goes for the Office 2007 look and the layout is not bad.

My laptop and PC both have a 16:10 aspect ratio and that permits Hydra to display the web page well and still leave room for the content. The RSS reader looks familiar; I’m a huge Google Reader fan so I probably wont be using that feature. The integration is interesting but the overall experience feels like the product is still developing.

That’s not a bad thing at all. My complaint originally was that without setting up an Admin user, you could not even use the browser. The author’s v1.07 which I’ve just installed, plainly says if you don’t create an account you can still use the guest access. That’s good responsiveness to a “feature request” which was not even in his forum.

I’ll continue to kick the tires some more. I doubt I’ll leave Firefox 2.x anytime soon (Firefox 3 beta 5 annoys me; don’t know why but it does) but I’m glad to see someone is working on another alternative outside of Opera and Firefox.