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Firefox and TLS

Firefox is weird. In a forum conversation (which went so off topic but that’s alright) the following was reported to me. When you visited my site in Firefox, you get a warning about being insecure. Huh. That’s odd and a… Continue Reading →

End of year Firefox goodness

With the end of year upon us, it is good to see Lifehacker doing a review of good things for Firefox in 2010. Head over and give it a read. I use Adblocker mainly as an additional security measure (yes,… Continue Reading →

Trying Firefox 4 beta again

Recently I gave Firefox 4 beta 4 a try but ended up removing it. As a beta it was not bad but I had some minor problems with Adobe Flash and the benefits were not enough to get me to… Continue Reading →

And the winner is Xmarks

Earlier I had dropped Xmarks and installed Mozilla Weave. After a few weeks I’m back to Xmarks.  Syncing the browser history is a very useful feature, but some really weird things have been going on with my Weave sync data… Continue Reading →

Mozilla Weave

I’m giving Mozilla Weave a try. I’ve been a big fan of the extension formally known as Foxmarks (Xmarks) so when Mozilla released Weave, I was not sure if there was anything for me to look at. I use a… Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 out

“Images with ICC profiles now render properly on all monitors.” via Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 Release Notes. I just upgraded and color management is working for me now.

Firefox 3.5 has been released

Firefox 3.5 has been released and I have been using Firefox 3.5 since it was 3.1 beta. It good, head over to and get your fresh copy now.

Running Firefox 3.5 beta 4

I’m now using Firefox 3.5 beta 4. They bumped up the version from 3.1 beta 3 to 3.5 beta 4. Beta 3 worked really well so I expect beta 4 to be “betterer”.

Firefox 3.1 beta 3 looks good

Firefox 3.0.x has a bug in it’s javascript handling that makes Flickr go insane for some people who use Nvidia drivers. I had tried an earlier beta and was disappointed to see that the bug was not addressed. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Flickr Firefox 3 problem

Update: I re-installed Vista 64 cleanly (wiped out everything) and I am using the Nvidia video drivers from Microsoft. Flickr is still misbehaving on FireFox 3 for me. On the upside, adding these lines to Adblock Plus’s whitelist did fix… Continue Reading →

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