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Wintuk was great

Wintuk banner from their website

Yesterday Lily and I took the kids to see Wintuk. They were so so about the show until the lights went off and it all started. The girl was mesmerized and could not take her eyes off the stage.

The boy less so. After 15 minutes he started fidgeting and had to shift around. Once the magic started up on stage then he was hooked. They both liked the show a lot and each one says their favorite moment was at the end when the snow fell. The show was a lot of fun and next time Cirque Du Soleil is in town we may take the kids to see them again.

Afterwards we went to eat at that Pongsri Thai restaurant we like and walked over to see the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. They were a bit of a disappointment; the sidewalk was insanely crowded. We had to wait on a line to get onto the line so walk by the windows.

Grown ups that tried to cut the line were rebuked. One jackass parent brought his two kids to the barrier and then pushed them to the windows. Not surprisingly the two brats kids were all over the place and were very rude.

That’s a lot of crossing out of words… Nice what some folks teach their kids, luckily my kids were too into the windows to notice. It was a good time but man, were we tired from all that walking.

Wintuk banner from the Cirque Du Soleil website.

Kids and digital cameras

For Christmas the kids had each gotten Disney digital cameras. These were okay but needed special software, a non-standard USB cable, and had no preview window.

Yesterday Lily and I got the kids inexpensive affordable low end HP digital cameras. I’ll post the best pictures they take over the weekend here.

What children say

The kids were rude to my Dad in the evening. When he came down to get something later they asked him

Kids: “Grampa are you feeling happy? Are you happy now?”

Grampa: “Why do you ask?”

Kids: “You were unhappy before.”

Grampa: “I’m happy.”

Kids: “Can you read us a story?”

On the way up my son asked me to carry him

Jan: “I’ve had a long day and I’m tired.”

Son: “Why did you have a bad day?”

Jan: “No one knows why.”

Weddings and little kids

A few weeks ago I went to a friends wedding with my little girl. Lily was sick and I had wanted to go, so taking one of the kids was the right thing to do.

The little girl had a blast. I could not keep her off the dance floor and thanks to my friends I did not even have to feed her! A good time was had by all.

Yesterday the whole family went to a cousins wedding. The church ceremony was at 11:00 and afterwards we went to a reception. Once again both kids had a blast and me and Lily had trouble keeping up with both of them. Later on we went over to their grandmother’s house and dinner at 7pm at a Chinese restaurant.

Ever see people play mahjong? I mean the people who really play on a regular basis. The girl saw her aunt and uncles playing and watched very closely. My son wanted to play and started reaching for the tiles while they were playing the game.

That could have been very bad! Lily’s aunts and uncles are great and love the kids and I am sure if the boy ruined that turn it would have been fine. But some MJ players take that game very seriously and can’t stand slow players let alone outside interference.

Later on the kids were playing with the tiles. They would set up a line of tiles and pick up a tile from the pile. They’d look at it, either keep it or make a big show of putting the tile back into the pile.

Is there such a thing as a Tiger Woods for the MJ crowd…?

We left at 10:30PM and once again a good time was had by all.

Labor Day scare

The plan for Labor Day was to invite family over, have a BBQ, and get ready for the boy’s first day of school.

Instead we ended up spending late Monday afternoon in the emergency room. My son ran up the stairs and fell hard on his chin. This opened up a 1 inch gash under his chin! It stopped bleeding almost immediately but he needed stitches to close the gap. So we took him to the emergency room.

The emergency room was okay and we only waited about an hour or so. He was not hurting and kept insisting that the bandaid was all he needed.

He really only did not like the pain killer shot they gave him to numb up his chin. Once that took effect, we all talked about toy trains while the nurse put stitches in his chin. Today it looks fine and Saturday we are going to have the stitches removed.

Don’t do that to me again.

So my little girl misbehaved today and was sent to her room. Her grandmother let her know that if she is quiet for two minutes she can come out.

Two minutes go by and Grandma lets her out. She walks right up to her grandmother, looks straight at her and says “Don’t do that to me again.”

She’ll be three in a few days. Where does she get the attitude and confidence…?

Grandma told her “Want to go back to your room?” Can’t wait to see what she is like at 16.