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Wintuk was great

Yesterday Lily and I took the kids to see Wintuk. They were so so about the show until the lights went off and it all started. The girl was mesmerized and could not take her eyes off the stage. The… Continue Reading →

Kids and digital cameras

For Christmas the kids had each gotten Disney digital cameras. These were okay but needed special software, a non-standard USB cable, and had no preview window. Yesterday Lily and I got the kids inexpensive affordable low end HP digital cameras…. Continue Reading →

What children say

The kids were rude to my Dad in the evening. When he came down to get something later they asked him
Kids: “Grampa are you feeling happy? Are you happy now?”
Grampa: “Why do you ask?”
Kids: “…

Weddings and little kids

A few weeks ago I went to a friends wedding with my little girl. Lily was sick and I had wanted to go, so taking one of the kids was the right thing to do. The little girl had a… Continue Reading →

Labor Day scare

The plan for Labor Day was to invite family over, have a BBQ, and get ready for the boy’s first day of school.
Instead we ended up spending late Monday afternoon in the emergency room. My son ran u…

Don’t do that to me again.

So my little girl misbehaved today and was sent to her room. Her grandmother let her know that if she is quiet for two minutes she can come out.
Two minutes go by and Grandma lets her out. She walk…

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