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Oh, come on, what next?

When Senator McCain was running in the primary against George W., Karl Rove ran a dirty whisper campaign and W. won the primary. It was your typical get elected at all cost move and sadly it worked.

Now this?

“Our opponent though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

Governor Palin – ENGLEWOOD, Colorado

That’s some Maverick behavior alright.  The statement is nonsense and the McCain campaign knows it.

Next up Palin will be saying things about his religion (he’s Christian), and his upbringing (he did not attend a madrasah), and his patriotism (his wife does not hate America).

I like how this is orchestrated to have Governor Palin spout this nonsense.  You don’t want to have McCain dirty his dress whites after all.

Senator McCain knows this is his last shot for the brass ring. So scruples be damned, his campaign will do and say whatever it takes to get anyone to vote for him.

McCain really needs to fire his ad guys

First they released a “McCain Wins Debate” ad a day early and now this.

1. unduly or unrealistically magnified: to have an exaggerated opinion of oneself.
2. abnormally increased or enlarged.

I did not watch the debates but, you betcha, I’m dog gonnit, gonna read up on it.

The success criteria for each VP candidate was pretty low.  I mean, all Governor Palin had to do was form complete sentences and she exceeds expectations.  All Senator Biden had to do was not look across the room and shout “Are you kidding me?”

This is why I can’t really get into the debates.  It’s just an extended ad.

He’s nuts, no way around it

Well, this is a Maverick move.  Or maybe Senator McCain is just nuts.

“We haven’t heard hide nor hair of Sen. McCain in these negotiations,” said Schumer, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. “He has not been involved except for an occasional, unhelpful statement, sort of thrown from far away, and the last thing we need in these delicate negotiations is an injection of presidential politics.”

McCain suspends campaign, Obama plans to continue

If Senator McCain was so entrenched in dealing with this corporate welfare bailout, then maybe.  But he has not been involved and Senator Obama is right.  Voters need a president who can deal with multiple problems at once. This is just another “Why do they hate America?” stunt.

Good thing Bill Clinton is on our side

Open mouth and insert foot HERE.

Earlier Monday, Clinton suggested his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, would have been a better political choice for the Democratic VP spot than Joe Biden.

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Bill Clinton says Dems shouldn’t attack Palin.

Isn’t Bill’s mouth a large part of why his wife did not win the primary? Why not just come out and say “I’m not president anymore and I don’t want any other Democrat to be president”.

He’s right in that Senator Obama’s campaign needs to focus on Senator McCain’s “4 more years of the same” but President Clinton needs to keep quite and let the grown ups speak.

Just trust us, our track record is good

Why would anyone hesitate to give the Bush administration more cash…?

The proposal “does not include the necessary safeguards,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. She called for “independent oversight, protections for homeowners and constraints on excessive executive compensation.”

Paulson urges quick action on $700 billion bailout.

This might be a “Good Thing” and since it’s election time, it will pass without any examination.  But geez, is it too much to ask that the government setup some sort of monitoring?

Rove should know about “truthiness”

This is how you know Senator McCain will say and do anything to get elected.

Rove has leveled similar criticism against Obama. “McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far,” he told Fox News, “and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the ‘100 percent truth’ test.”

Rove: Some McCain ads don’t pass ‘100 percent truth’ test.

When Karl Rove is saying you’ve gone too far, then it’s ethics game over.

And it’s raining too!

Ohhhh boy.

The announcement was intended to counter rumors by liberal bloggers that Ms. Palin had claimed to have given birth to her fifth child in April when, according to the rumors, the child was her daughter’s.

Palin’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant – The Caucus Blog –

So. A group called Focus on the Family jokingly ask that people pray for rain on Senator Obama’s acceptance speech.  It not only did not rain but the opening day festivities of the RNC have been canceled to focus on providing support for the fallout that hurricane Gustav will be bringing with it.  Even the Whitehouse is getting it’s act together for this one.  Good thing they asked only for rain.

So. The Internet was bouncing around with the rumor that her youngest son is actually her grandson.  And to counter that they release that her 17 year old daughter is doing a Jamie Lynn Spears?

How is that going to play in Peoria?  Any odds on Palin pulling a Harriet Miers and dropping out?