I just installed the client software from Dropbox and it looks very slick. I already back up my server data in two places but the idea of having a (free) place to just drop some workstation files might be useful. I’d played with other free storage tools before but they were all a little cumbersome so I gave up on it.

With Dropbox, you just place files and folders into your “My Dropbox” and the client just syncs it up.  It feels like rsync without the setting up of ssh or the CLI geek knowledge needed.  Just drag and drop.

This uses Amazon S3 as the storage medium and encrypts the data.  The web page is a little like Facebook and shows you your activity.  It’s all third party so I won’t be putting oh say, bank data, on it but most of what I use is available on the Internet anyway.

Wonder how shared folders work? Have to try that.