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George Carlin died last night

I woke up to some bad news this morning: George Carlin passed away.  His seven words skit was funny, but I liked his comparison of baseball versus football best.  And don’t forget his skit where everything the government did was fine or “the Terrorists Win”.


A great weekend

I can’t ever forget Mother’s Day since my birthday falls right next to it. Remembering does not sound like much but it’s an accomplishment for me. I have been forgetting one of my best friend’s birthdays for 35 years. In addition to enjoying my birthday, Lily and I had a great weekend with the kids. […]


Baseball and doping

When the report came out most of the guys in the office were not surprised. Two things surprised me about that report. First was that some people did not have a problem with “juicing”. They pointed out that baseball is a competitive sport and that their job is fill seats. I mentioned but what about […]