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10th anniversary of 9/11

It’s Sunday morning on the 10th anniversary. A few days ago while watching the coverage my son asked me if I “recovered from that day”. He’s 9 years old and wasn’t born until December 2001. That’s an odd question for me. I had nothing to recover from. I’ve never suffered from anxiety and as far I am aware, I did not really know the people who were murdered.

It’s an event that can’t be dealt with rationally so it has to be put aside. Each life is unique and precious and losing one is an unthinkable tragedy. Try to put 2,977 lives in your head and visualize them, see all the other lives they touched and the bright futures extinguished.

I can’t do it so I put it aside.

I don’t think that the country hasn’t recovered yet and I don’t believe the politicians will ever let us do so. There is just too much political gain for playing the “Terrorist” card.

The Smithsonian Channel had on a special last night and this included interviews with Cheney and Richard Clarke. From a historical perspective that’s 100% spot on. They were there, they made critical decisions before and after. It was a good contrast, Clarke was knowledgeable and an authority and Cheney was, well Dick Cheney.

What I found appalling was that Cheney even today still maintains that endless war was the way to go. We may still be a super power but there is only so much blood and money you can spend on war. A mistake was made and we ended up in Iraq.

We should have spent treasure taking out the actual murders but hey, that would interfere with Cheney’s idea of militarizing the world.

Have I mentioned it’s Sunday? I’m taking the kids to mass for the 8 AM and will say an additional prayer for the dead.

How do I explain 9/11 to a 7 and 8 year old?

I’m no longer prone to blogging sentimentally anymore, but my mood demands it.

Today is the 9th anniversary of that horrible day. I’m at a loss to explain to my children accurately what happened that morning and convey to them how the whole world changed due to a group of madmen.

The closest I can get to explaining to my children is this.

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