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iPhone 3G slowness

Within days of my putting on iOS 4.0.1 onto my iPhone 3G, the phone started to crawl. Playing music was painful and using applications became a joke. For example doing anything with Camera+ (a very cool photo app BTW) would take minutes when it used to take seconds. Downgrading to 3.1.3 caused my apps to become responsive.

Last Wednesday I installed iOS 4.0.1 and did not restore my backup. I factory defaulted the phone and when it was plugged into my PC, I treated it like a new phone. This meant I had to copy my song library, apps, etc. from scratch. I recovered my contacts easily enough because I use Google Sync.

Next up I went into my iPhone’s settings app and turned off all Spotlight searches. If I could disable Spotlight 100% I would do it; this is one feature that Apple should have left on design table.

I also jailbreak’ed my iPhone and made the following changes:

  1. I turned on SpringBoard’s image backgrounds.
  2. I enabled Multitasking.
  3. I turned on the percentage battery meter option.

Why not? I ended up turning off multitasking because while everything ran acceptably, when you are out of memory, apps would not start properly. The background image is not as fast as a 3GS but still usable and makes the phone more attractive.

To make my modifications, I installed iPhone Explorer on my PC to copy and modify a .plist file manually. This is not not the safest way to do it. In the Cydia app store is an application called Features (for iPhone 3G) that installs in WinterBoard.

So far the performance has been alright. If/when I get an iPhone 4 the display and speed will probably startle me.

Attention Apple: AT&T is hurting your brand

Another day and another 3G outage for my iPhone. Even EDGE is not working today. Voice works, just not data. If the Palm Pre is successful it will not be because of an iPhone issue, it will be because AT&T’s 3G network is a joke.

The iPhone is a great piece of convergent technology. But without Internet connectivity, it’s primary function is crippled. It’s a cool device and works well when the network cooperates but without it I’m left to listening to music and playing games.

I can now play 3 card draw solitaire as an expert and Bejeweled 2 bores me to tears. I would much rather read my RSS feeds via Google Reader but AT&T’s poor network just can’t work. This is why Apple should turn to Verizon or Sprint.

If Apple were to actually have a model of iPhone that works on a non-AT&T network, it would be a bigger hit than it is now. In the meanwhile I look forward to more Android phones and the latest Palm offering.

Well, no iPhone for me in the future

I had considered getting an iPhone in the past but the EDGE only cell network irked me so I figured I’d get one when a) they support 3G cell phone networks, and b) when the iPhone becomes 16 GB.

Now even if that happens, unless Apple shows they are changing, I won’t buy one. The latest 1.1.1 firmware upgrade is end user hostile. Having the phone re-locking itself is one thing. Punishing the user with a phone that can’t activate on the network is way over the top. Apparently installing third party apps will get you a dead phone too.

I don’t get it. On my BlackBerry Pearl I can use custom ring tones (MP3s) without having to pay more cash, I can install third party software, and the Pearl is lots cheaper than the iPhone. It’s as if Apple wants smart consumers to stay away from the iPhone. My main gripe with this is the attitude. If this was intentional then this is strictly a punitive move on Apple’s part and is completely unnecessary unless they want to send a message.

Gizmodo has a good up-to-date section on the iPhone here, it’s worth checking out. Unless 1.1.2 comes out with a “whoops, 1.1.1 was a brown bag release, sorry” then why get an iPhone?