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Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

So far so good. On the upgrade from 2.0.7 the TinyMCE visual editor does not work while on my test blog it does work. I don’t use the visual editor so no big deal for me.
After installing and tryin…

Very Bad Upgrade

Sunday I went to Stefan’s to upgrade my main server. It was running Fedora Core 1 and was well past an upgrade.
I wanted to get away from Fedora because it was not supported in a way that I liked….

WordPress SSL Admin plugin (patched)

A while back released a plugin which protected your login with SSL. Normally when you administer a Wordpress blog, it’s done via http. The plugin was originally released for the Wordpres…

WordPress Backup

I run this blog on a VPS from Tektonics. It’s usually more available to the Internet than the server in the basement.
But it’s not my server and backups are important. I had been using Podz’s scrip…

XPS 700 BIOS update

Version 1.1.6 of the Flash BIOS is out and can be downloaded here. This version supports 64 bit operating systems….

Videotags this easy ought to be illegal

I frequent the WordPress support page to a) see if I can help someone and b) see if anything new is going on that might interest me.
Viper’s Video Quicktags is beyond interesting. It makes it ridic…

VPS Servers

My domain is managed by me on my own name servers. When I moved to Long Island I lost my static IP addresses from my DSL line. So I moved both my DNS servers to Stefan’s house via his DSL line.

I don’t blog about work

Or what I do for a living. But follow this link anyway:
I don’t know anyone who tries to write there own crypto code (…

Moving WordPress

This blog was running on Stefan’s DSL connection and with me tinkering with it I was using up his bandwidth. Usually when he was trying to connect to the office and get some work done.
I have a ver…

Google Pack

Friday I installed Ubuntu on my laptop.
The operation was a success but the laptop died. Something in what I did made the NTFS partition an “unmountable_boot_volume” so I could run Ubuntu perfectly…

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