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January 2008

A perfect product tie in

“Don’t MP3 me, Bro!”

Looks like Hillary Clinton got New Hampshire

CNN is projecting that Senator Clinton has won the New Hampshire primary.  Cool, the race is still on.

New Hampshire primary today

Former President Bill Clinton went dumb today. He was working a crowd in a town hall setting and he started complaining about how the media is giving Senator Barack Obama a pass. Oh and his voice cracked; not his finest… Continue Reading →

Bad mail queuing in Postfix

Yesterday around 12:36 AM my main server mowgli went into a temporay coma (a disk volume fell down and did not get back up) and was not receiving mail. No problem, thanks to the magic of DNS MX records, mail… Continue Reading →

Some people give consultants a bad name

Here’s a lucky guy. A computer consultant driving a rental car drove onto train tracks Wednesday using the instructions his GPS unit gave him. A train was barreling toward him, but he escaped in time and no one was injured…. Continue Reading →

HG Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam

Last week in Flushing I picked up a couple of MG Gundams with the kids. Both kids know I will build models for them so the boy picked the HG Justice Gundam and the girl picked the HG Shiranui Akatsuki… Continue Reading →

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